125 KHz Proximity

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Available in both clamshell and ISO printable form factors. Every standard UltraSecure Proximity card contains an advanced data chip for seamless integration with existing proximity access systems from standard 26-bit to custom 40-bit formats including HID ISOProx®, HID Corporate 1000®, HID Indala®, Bosch, GE®, Honeywell® and Schlage®.

The high-tech UltraSecure chipset allows for over 137 billion unique codes, ensuring every system remains unique, scalable and secure.




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Cards are the key to security. UltraSecure cards are engineered to withstand years of everyday use. UltraSecure cards are built for personalisation. They were developed with a smooth PVC surface with minimal chip deflection so every card looks great, no matter how it’s printed. Manufactured at facilities certified by ISO 9001, Visa®, and MasterCard®, UltraSecure credentials have lower failure rates and higher system integrity than other proximity card alternatives. Available with both PVC and durable PET composite construction, UltraSecure cards are built to last. PET composite is stronger than pure PVC so it resists warping, cracking and yellowing over a long life cycle. UltraSecure proximity cards are also available in multi-technology formats including magnetic stripe and MIFARE®.





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Global manufacturing and personalisation hubs get UltraSecure cards to your door quickly, with no backlog or minimum order requirements. UltraSecure is backed by a commitment to service with free training, an experienced staff of ID security experts and a dedicated network of resellers. Every UltraSecure product is guaranteed for life. This means free phone and email support for all customers, including complimentary replacement of production damaged or defective cards for as long as the card is in use.



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